Pittwater Day Surgery Chooses FYDO to Streamline its Operations

Pittwater Day Surgery (PDS), a state-of-the-art facility boasting three theatres, offers a comprehensive array of services ranging from women’s health to orthopaedics, from ENT to plastic and cosmetic surgery. Located on the picturesque Northern Beaches, PDS is committed to delivering exceptional medical care to its community. 

The decision to transition to FYDO stemmed from Pittwater Day Surgery’s dissatisfaction with its previous legacy system. Frustrated by clunkiness and subpar support, they sought a modern and efficient solution to meet their evolving needs. Enter FYDO, with its intuitive interface and robust features, offering a seamless experience from billing to reporting. 

The administration and finance teams love billing and reporting in FYDO. “The financial reports are comprehensive, and the scope of insights they provide is invaluable.” With FYDO’s interactive arrears report, managing outstanding invoices is a breeze, allowing users to set follow-up dates and add notes for efficient follow-through. 

But it doesn’t stop at billing. Pittwater Day Surgery is also taking advantage of our SMS service and pathology downloads, further increasing their operational efficiency. The integration with Endobase, their endoscopy system, reduces data entry redundancies, ensuring seamless data flow between systems. 

Moreover, by scanning all medical records into FYDO, Pittwater Day Surgery has embraced a paperless approach, streamlining record-keeping and freeing up valuable space. 

At FYDO, we understand that every healthcare facility is unique, and we’re dedicated to providing tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. We’re proud to partner with Pittwater Day Surgery on their journey towards operational excellence and look forward to supporting their continued success. 

As Pittwater Day Surgery joins the FYDO family, we’re excited to see the positive impact our partnership will have on their operations and, most importantly, on the well-being of their patients. 

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