FYDO Update: The Brand New Patient Screen

🎉We’re excited to share the news of our latest update to FYDO: the brand-new patient screen!  
For those already using FYDO, you’ve likely already experienced the revamped interface since its launch earlier last month. After months of dedicated effort, we’re thrilled to introduce a more intuitive patient screen, designed to enhance your FYDO experience. 
👂Your feedback has been instrumental in shaping this update, and we’ve incorporated innovative features to ensure a seamless user journey. As valued members of our FYDO community, you are invited to share your thoughts on the new patient screen. Your input is invaluable to us as we strive to continuously improve. 
Here’s to a smoother and more enjoyable experience with our enhanced patient screen! Thank you for your ongoing trust and support in FYDO. 
Follow the link below to view the new designs and layouts up close! 

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