FYDO deployed at Monash IVF

Monash IVF Group has chosen FYDO as its Patient Administration System (PAS), reaffirming its commitment to offering cutting-edge assisted reproductive technologies (ART) and advanced parental diagnostic services at the tertiary level. The deployment of FYDO as the PAS extends to all of Monash IVF Group’s day hospitals, including its newest addition, Broadwater Private Day Hospital.

Broadwater Private Day Hospital, situated in Southport, QLD, is a private facility with three theaters primarily dedicated to IVF and women’s health services. Additionally, the hospital offers a range of dental, eye, and cosmetic procedures, with the dental services extending to children as well. Despite commencing operations as a new facility in late July, Broadwater Private Day Hospital has hit the ground running with daily admissions since. To meet their operational objectives, they turned to FYDO, aiming to implement a comprehensive solution encompassing bookings, quoting, billing, and reporting.

The FYDO team, known for their successful deployment in both new and established facilities, worked closely with the hospital’s staff to gain a deep understanding of their specific business needs. Together, they charted a clear deployment roadmap to ensure a seamless implementation. To facilitate this, FYDO assigned a dedicated client manager to Broadwater Private Day Hospital, providing guidance through the onboarding steps. Tailored training sessions were conducted for the staff, aligning with their unique workflows, and meticulous project management ensured that the implementation proceeded smoothly and adhered to the established timeline.

Today, we are delighted to announce that Broadwater Private Day Hospital is the latest site from Monash IVF Group that has joined FYDO.

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